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We care about your goals, carry out meticulous research on your behalf and develop detailed knowledge of your brand's DNA for maximum OOH impact and success.

Active Markets

genevoism operates daily across many time-zones and has developed a vast network of contacts in myriad foreign markets. We can react quickly and efficiently to any brief, in any country, and are constantly developing new frontiers.

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OOH Placements

Every city is different, and one size does not fit all. We make-to-measure, creating each OOH campaign around individual, unique market requirements. Our mastery is born of an intimate understanding of OOH assets in every major global city worldwide. We know placements and we know all the local players, from the giants to the smaller, niche companies who can often provide the most exciting and strategically successful spaces.


The traditional and best known of outdoor advertising spaces, billboards, are now much more regulated in a big city environments, offering standardized sizes and clear rules in most urban areas.

In Los Angeles, for example, the most successful billboards are found on Sunset Strip and line the city’s most iconic streets. In many other countries, billboards are seen more on the city outskirts.


Most often placed on the walls of large city buildings, wallscapes can host permanent and longer-term campaigns, transforming the cityscape and attracting attention in areas with high volumes of pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

Painted Walls

Hand-painted by specialist mural artists, often highly realistic and usually spectacular. Pioneered in US cities using large, blank surfaces, they are now in great demand and much loved by luxury fashion brands as they offer a kind of street-cred. This is the most difficult OOH space to find, gain permissions and to secure.


Canvases with advertising images installed directly onto scaffolding, usually on buildings under construction or refurbishment.

Depending on the host city’s local regulation and legislation, these too can be difficult to secure and require specialist research to abide by tricky licensing rules.

Campaign times will often depend on duration of the works on the host building.

Street Furniture

These can include bus shelters and free-standing units which display advertising on one side and public, cultural or civic information on the other side.

Street furniture campaigns are usually packaged into networks and are particularly successfully due to repetition of the key message.

Transit advertising

Taxis, buses and trams, overground trains, the Tube, and underground are constantly in movement and carry their message to the end-user, multiplying the number of contacts.

Out of the box

Guerrilla marketing is designed to shock. Passersby are forced to stop, look, and be inspired to share what they have seen via photo and hopefully, onto social media platforms.

There are many options although wild posting is a favorite, particularly if there is a need to operate outside traditional boundaries. This is cutting-edge OOH, memorable and site-specific.

Place-based OOH, interior or exterior

Airports and shopping malls, train, and underground stations, convenience stores and stadiums are just a few options for site-based OOH. All offer different options to reach or target different clients.

Often distant from the cities they serve, airports represent a highly sophisticated landscape offering a world of creative advertising formats and solutions. These are often less restricted by urban transit regulations, allowing greater customisation and flexibility.

Digital OOH

Combines traditional locations with digital display technology. Ad Tech helps advertisers reach their audiences by analysing the effect of location, timing, and ‘dayparting’ options along with targeted choices. Advertisers can change message much more quickly and easily than with traditional OOH.

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